IPTV Server Up to 5 Times Faster with Cloud Technology

Fasten your seatbelts, because the world’s first cloud IPTV server, on top of being ultra powerful and intelligent, is astoundingly fast. With nothing but an internet connection, you can access your favorite T.V channels across the globe!

Pricing & Plans

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  • +1000 Live TV Channels
  • Limited VOD
  • Full HD
  • Support all devices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3€ Off on your next order
  • Instant Delivery



19€ per month

  • +1000 Live TV Channels
  • Movies & TV Shows (VOD)
  • Full HD
  • Support all devices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 7 Days Refund Guarantee
  • Instant Delivery

Access Anywhere

Logging into your ETHER TV Account provides limitless options in any location with internet

Finest Quality

Over 1000 channels to choose from, Premium HD channels and multilingual videos on demand (including TV shows, movies, sports)

No Setups Required

Sick of clutter from dishes and antennae? ETHER TV is an intelligent IPTV server that works on laptops, smartTV, web browsers and smartphones!

Instant Switching

No need to test your patience

with our amazing technology, switch to new channels within a second!

Customer Reviews


ETHER TV is an IPTV server : an efficient and cost effective way of accessing a vast number of channels. It allows you to stream videos wherever you are, and that too in high quality if you would like.
The benefits of an IPTV server over other sources include not only a lower price but also much higher efficiency and great quality.
With just a few little clicks on a device of your choice, you can have instant access to live TV in any part of the world—so much simpler and faster than the old school ways of watching television.

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